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CC Currencies - Forex treasury solution

CC Currencies becomes your forex treasury department within your organisation, working on your side of the fence, understanding your business and aligning the forex strategy, policies and procedures to marry the business such that risks are not created.
Forex is complex at many levels, truly knowing your exposure, understanding your risk window, determining a forex policy with managed tolerances, accounting in a way that correctly reflects the forex outcomes and detailed reporting to ensure that everyone understands the hedged position.
The other complexity dimension in interacting through authorised dealers to trade spot, forward or various types of options or derivative solutions. You should understand and know how each action taken through a week or month will impact risk, hedge ratios, cash flow, profit/loss and accounting.
CC Currencies deals with these complexities for customers 24/7 and provides a SaaS solution to allow you 24/7 access to information over and above the routine report packs produced.

Sharon Constançon is the founder of the forex outsourcing market in SA having started the first business in this industry in 1988.
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CC Currencies
Forex Treasury Solution
Sharon Constancon
Forex facilitator

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