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South Africa TAMI Portal

TAMI is an on the ground localised South African action unit essential in supporting inbound SME and Corporation trade and development. 

TAMI is made up of passionate and dedicated personnel, focused on helping the Global Business Community trade effectively with South Africa. TAMI teams work closely with local and international SMEs and Corporations, and through established networks and support partners deliver excellence in business intelligence, operational development support, and effective trade linkages. 

Business Responders

TAMI approved Business Responders in South Africa support local and cross border trade through sharing knowledge and expertise in business administration and compliance.  Foreign organisations considering trading in South Africa require understanding of local market opportunities, as well as business trading, best practice, and reporting responsibilities. 

TAMI ’s essential service provisions include banking support, professional guidance in aspects as financial adherence, legal infrastructure and guidance, HR administration and staff engagement, Black Economic Empowerment transformation, and other.  Each of the appointed TAMI Business Responders are ready to support SMEs and Corporations wishing to understand all that is required to support their endeavours in setting up and advancing business development opportunities in South Africa. 


Our Services


  • Banking Services – Standard Bank

  • HR Administration and Compliance – DRG

  • Financial / Accounting - The CFO Centre

  • Legal Services – Cox Yeats Attorneys

  • Business Facilitation - BusinessFit SA

  • Business Communications - Top Business / Business Sense

  • Operations and Logistics - Business Insights

  • Black Economic Empowerment – Stimela Group

  • Governance and Sustainability – Earth Energy

  • Forex Treasury Solution - CC Currencies

  • Recruitment – Pro Appointments

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