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Relocation Africa

Relocation Africa is a service company that assists individuals and corporate clients to settle their relocated families and employees into a new environment, as efficiently and harmoniously as possible.

The employee and his family are thus able to settle into their new surroundings much quicker and with less disruption. This results in a more efficient and effective employee who is then able to focus on his/her work within a shorter period of time.

Benefits to the employer include the outsourced management of the relocation and the speed at which the expatriate can become effective in the new environment.

As a third world continent, Africa is often perceived as being a potentially hazardous destination with many unknown variables, and therefore moving to any African country often proves to be quite daunting and problematic. Relocation Africa has representatives throughout Africa to offer assistance to new arrivals and help them overcome any concerns, frustrations or problems they may have or encounter. Similarly, moving out of Africa to another global destination can be just as stressful. Here again Relocation Africa facilitates any move abroad easily and successfully.

Relocation Africa
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